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Dean Del Mastro Sentenced Today


Disgraced Ex-Conservative Cabinet Minister Dean Del Mastro is going to be sentenced today.

The Crown asked for Del Mastro to serve up to 12 months in jail, telling the court at the sentencing hearing that Del Mastro did not take responsibility for his actions, showed no remorse, and attempted to misdirect and conceal his crime.

Del Mastro’s lawyer asked for a conditional discharge or a fine. His lawyer said that he resigned, which punished him financially, and he’s therefore been punished enough. Del Mastro himself was teary eyed and told the court that the “nationwide condemnation” was also punishment enough.

It should be noted that the Conservative Party takes a hard line when it comes to crime and punishment. Until Dean Del Mastro was charged with these offences, he supported the Crime and Punishment agenda of his political party.

My experience is that the people who support tough punishments for others who commit crimes usually change their view when they are the ones facing the tough penalty. Dean Del Masto is no exception. He committed a crime that is dishonest in nature, where he attempted to cheat at an election. Then he attempted conceal the crime and he was not forthright while under oath on the stand:

While I accept some of Del Mastro evidence, I have concerns about the credibility of his evidence, specifically its veracity on contested issues revolving around Holinshed’s provision of election services in the fall of 2008. There are a number of inconsistencies and improbabilities. At times, the way in which he testified led me to believe that he was avoiding the truth.

Given the adverse inference and the other concerns already articulated, I am led to reject Mr. Del Mastro’s evidence on key issues. (R. v. Del Mastro, 2014 ONCJ 603)

Del Mastro is asking to court to be lenient and give him a sentence that does not result in a criminal record, but he does not even admit he did the crime. He is not taking responsibility for his actions, or for the harm he’s done to society. He is not a likely prospect for rehabilitation because the first step to becoming rehabilitated is to admit your actions and to understand what you did was wrong.

My view is that he should be sentenced to more than 12 months of custody, and he should not be permitted to collect his MP pension (click here to read about parliamentarians who break the law and their pensions). A message needs to be sent to Dean Del Mastro, and to other people who plan on cheating or subverting our democratic process, that you go to jail for these types of crimes. His conduct needs to be denounced, and respect for our legal system restored. According to his old Conservative Party colleagues, it’s time to get tough on crime by punishing the offenders and supporting the victims. All Canadians are the victim of Dean Del Mastro’s crimes, and we deserve retribution.

The Judge ultimately sentenced him to one month of custody and 18 months of probation. Del Masto has appealed and is going to attempt to get bail pending his appeal.

*This story was updated at 10:00pm, June 25, 2015: Del Mastro was sentenced to one month of custody, followed by four months of house arrest and 18 months of probation. He will also be required to pay $10,000.00 to the Peterborough Electoral District. (

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