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Harper Conservatives Find New Way to Increase Jail Time

The Conservative government plans to introduce legislation that disentitles certain repeat offenders to early release, also called earned remission or parole.

The Canadian Press reports that Prime Minister Harper announced the planned changes to the Criminal Code while speaking in Victoriaville, Quebec.

Harper was standing before a group of people in attendance who he said had their lives shattered by criminals and were “innocent victims of terrible events that resulted in wounds that will never heal.”

Click here to read the whole story on the Huffington Post

The Conservative Government is ignoring the long term consequences of lengthy jail sentences with harsh conditions. The Government is increasing jail time for offences while making the conditions in custody more difficult. The Winnipeg Free Press recently reported that Corrections Canada has now switched to powdered milk from actual milk in Federal Jails to save money (click here to read that article).

A criminal justice system should set objectives for society and then use social science and other reliable information gathering and analytical tools to create programs or institutions designed to reach those objectives. There is enough evidence from the United States at this point to show justice systems based on long prison terms in harsh environments, or systems that look to ideological or political viewpoints for solutions are ineffective and more expensive.