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Legal Aid Manitoba

Rees & Dyck Criminal Defence is a private law firm, but we also assist people who qualify for Legal Aid.  If you qualify for Legal Aid, your legal fees are covered by the Province of Manitoba. Applying for legal aid can be a complicated and lengthy process. They require detailed information and copies of certain court papers. You can contact Legal Aid Manitoba directly and apply on your own, but it can be helpful to have a lawyer assist you with that process.

Legal Aid Manitoba usually charges a $25 fee with your application. In certain cases — people collecting social assistance or people in custody for example — Legal Aid may waive the fee.

Other than that application fee, the lawyers at Rees & Dyck Criminal Defence do not charge a fee to assist you to apply for Legal Aid. Please contact us if you want any information about Legal Aid or our legal services.



Legal Aid Manitoba provides legal help to people who are financially eligible on cases with merit. This can include people who are working.

Legal Aid looks at the financial resources of the applicant including income, assets and debts and whether money will be available to pay legal fees at the end of the case.

The following guidelines are used to decide if you get legal aid and have been amended to correspond with Notice to the Profession 25-2014.These are guidelines only. We assess each applicant individually. This chart is based on gross family income.


more than 6


Legal Aid Manitoba’s Management Council sets eligibility guidelines.

*From the Legal Aid Manitoba Website on Financial Eligibility: Link

*updated April 6, 2015