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Minimum Sentences for Driving Impaired and Refusal Convictions

There are minimum sentences for driving impaired type charges in Canada. The rules depend on the charge, and your record for similar offences. For a person without no criminal record convicted of Driving while Impaired, the minimum sentence is a $1000.00 fine and a 1 year driving prohibition. Generally the fine will start at more than $1000, and will increase depending on the circumstances of your particular case.

There have been cases in Manitoba where a person with no record was sentenced to jail for driving while impaired. Click here to read more.

In cases where the accused person has been convicted of one driving related offence previously, the prosecution can give notice that they are proceeding as a Second Offence, causing the minimum sentence to be 30 days of custody and a two (2) year driving prohibition.

Finally, in cases where the accused person has multiple convictions for driving related offences, the prosecutor can give notice they are proceeding by Subsequent Offence. In these cases, the minimum sentence is 120 days in custody and a three (3) year driving prohibition.

If you have been convicted of refusing to provide a breath sample, the minimum sentences follow the same system as above, only it is considered aggravating by the court if you refused rather than provided the breath samples. Also, driving prohibitions tend to be longer for refusal charges.

The Province of Manitoba also suspends drivers who have been convicted of driving while impaired or a related offence. These driving suspensions act independent of the court system, and are imposed by the Province upon conviction. As well, your vehicle can be impounded for 30 days or more (click here for more about vehicle impounding).

See section 264(1) of the Highway Traffic Act for more information about automatic suspensions (click here)


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