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Texas Executes Man Despite Possible IQ of 67

Texas is tough on crime. The Lone Star State is famous for the high number of incarcerated people and the high number of executions performed each year.

Robert Ladd was executed on Thursday, January 29, 2015 despite his lawyer’s claim that he was ineligible due to low IQ.

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Ladd told the victims family, “A revenge death won’t get you anything” before being executed by lethal injection. After Ladd was dead at the hands of a person working for the government, a family member said they accepted Ladd’s apology and that they no longer hated him.

Meanwhile, the state of Ohio has put it’s scheduled executions on hold because the drugs used in the executions we questionable. Ohio is trying to switch to Pentobarbital, the drug used to execute Ladd.

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Canada does not currently execute people convicted of committing crimes. However, the climate in Canadian politics is such that a tough-on-crime agenda has gained some traction, despite evidence that it’s effectiveness is questionable. Life without parole (see TR&Co article), more adult sentences for young people, 1:1 credit for pre-sentence custody, and minimum sentences are just some examples. I wonder if the death penalty is going to make a comeback in Canada.