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The Government You Choose Makes Your Laws

The current government of Canada has had a significant impact on criminal law in this country. From the Truth in Sentencing Act limiting credit for pre-sentence custody, to the amendments in to the Youth Criminal Justice Act in October 2012, introducing specific deterrence into youth sentencing, the landscape of criminal law has seen significant change.

An interesting website ( was mentioned on CBC Radio One yesterday that looks at the current political polls and uses a modelling system to aggregate the different national polls to predict the outcome of this years federal election. updates it’s information regularly. The website currently predicts the outcome of the next federal election as a Conservative minority government:

  • Liberal: 126
  • Conservative: 136
  • NDP: 72
  • Green: 2
  • Bloc: 2
  • Other: 0

The current Conservative government has introduced legislation during it’s reign aimed at the criminal justice system that have had a significant impact on Canadians charged with criminal offences. Prosecutors in Canada now have more minimum sentences, deterrence for young people, and limited credit for pre-sentence custody as extra tools in their arsenals to lock people up for crimes.

Remember to question your MPs about their position on criminal justice in Canada.

To see an interesting website about political polls in Canada, check out