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What is the Ignition Interlock Program?

The ignition interlock program is a mandatory program in Manitoba for individuals who have been convicted of an impaired driving offence. Once the mandatory driving suspension has passed after a conviction, you may be able to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car and have your licence reinstated.

The ignition interlock device requires a breath sample before the vehicle will start and at random times during operation. If the device detects alcohol or a sample is not provided the vehicle will not operate.

While any sentence for an impaired driving offence will come with a driving prohibition, the interlock program is not a part of the criminal law. It is mandated by s. 279.1 of the Manitoba Highway Traffic Act for all individuals convicted of an impaired driving offence and is operated by Manitoba Public Insurance.

There is a significant cost to the program. A lawyer can explain the costs and limitations of the program.


For more details on the program, click here.


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