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Tom Rees | Criminal Defence Lawyer Winnipeg

Why do I need a Criminal Defence Lawyer?


Our legal system can be tricky and, at times, illogical. The role of the defence lawyer is not always obvious, so I thought I would share some of the work criminal lawyers do behind the scenes.

Most people witness defence lawyers representing clients at trial. In fact, this is a small portion of our practice. For the cases where victory at trial is unlikely, then negotiating a plea bargain is often in our client’s interest. In cases where your defence lawyer can’t get the charge dropped outright, they may be able to have the charge reduced, or work out a joint recommendation to minimize your jeopardy.

Being successful as a criminal lawyer requires knowledge of the law and legal process, as well as knowledge of the participants. Crowns and Judges play different roles in our legal system, and your criminal defence lawyer can taylor their arguments to address any specific concerns or issues. Judges hear many cases everyday so they usually appreciate efficient and thorough submissions that touch on areas that they believe are relevant. Criminal lawyers spend a significant amount of their day in court, so they know what information the different Judges want.

Other than taking matters to trial and negotiating better positions on sentencing, a large part of our work includes:

  • Ensuring our clients have a full understand of the legal process and their case;
  • Advocating for our clients’ release while they await trial;
  • Varying restrictive bail conditions;
  • Providing advice on the ramifications a conviction will have on employment, travel and immigration;
  • Investigating and gathering evidence;
  • Communicating with Expert Witnesses; and
  • Preparing for trials by researching legal precedents.

Criminal Lawyers are working to protect your rights and guide you through the obstacles of the legal process. Our experience gives us insight into the players and the process. Our job is to share those insights with you to give you the best possible legal defence. Please feel free to contact one of my associates or me for a free consultation.

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