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Your Meeting with a Lawyer is Confidential

What is said in your meetings with a lawyer about your case is confidential and protected by solicitor/client privilege. Solicitor Client privilege is one of the oldest and most protected doctrines in common law. It’s purpose is to encourage full and open discussions between the lawyer and the client without the threat of repercussions.

The easiest way to conceptualize the concept of the solicitor/client privilege is to imagine that you are the controller of the information passed between you and your lawyer. The only way the lawyer can release information that you control is with your permission.

Lawyers in Manitoba are regulated by the Law Society of Manitoba. The Law Society of Manitoba publishes a Code of Profession Conduct that regulates the conduct of lawyers.

Chapter 3 deals with confidentiality. Click here view Chapter 3

Section 3.3-1 states:

  • Confidential Information
    • 3.3-1 A lawyer at all times must hold in strict confidence all information concerning the
      business and affairs of the client acquired in the course of the professional relationship and must
      not divulge any such information unless:

      • (a) expressly or impliedly authorized by the client;
      • (b) required by law or a court to do so;
      • (c) required to deliver the information to the Law Society, or
      • (d) otherwise permitted by this rule.


You can be confident that your meetings with a lawyer are confidential. Solicitor/Client privilege is your shield.


*Note: The information on this page is for general knowledge and is not legal advice.